Is it possible to send a cookie with a SMSMessage using the Twilio-csharp / TwilioRestClient?

I am creating outbound SMS communication and need to set a cookie so I can track the conversation thread. I'm using the Twilio-charp client and did not see a way to set a cookie or and http header. Is this possible or do I need to pursue a different route?


I need to elucidate here. In my scenario I need to set a cookie with a transaction id that needs to included in the originating outbound message. For example I will be creating an SMS message that will request a response from the user: "Text (1) to approve, (2) to decline".

The Twilio sample code details a page that receives a message, checks for a cookie, then creates one if it does not already exist. In my scenario I need the cookie to be in the outbound message.


I contacted support at Twilio and they stated that cookies can not be sent with their REST API. Cookies can be exchanged from the response endpoint that you create where you set the http header.

This means that you must wait for the user to reply to your first message before you can insert cookies to the http headers.

You can definitely set a cookie to track the conversation thread. Details and sample code can be found here under Twilio's .NET (C#) quickstarts:

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