Designing RESTful URLs for web pages

Most REST tutorials arranged resources as following:

GET  /car/      -> list of cars
GET  /car/<id>/ -> info about specific car
POST /car/      -> create a new car

but when building web applications for use in browsers, there is a missing link that are rarely discussed, before you can POST to /car/, you need to GET a form for creating a new resource (car). What should the URL for this form be?

I typically used:

 GET  /car/new/ -> form for creating a new car
 POST /car/new/ -> redirect to /car/<id>/ if item is created else show form with invalid fields highlighted

but according to this is not a good REST URL. I can see why it's not a good REST, because "new" is really used as a verb and not a resource, but where should the form be then, because GET /car/ is already used for listing cars, so you can't use GET /car/ for the form for new cars.

In short, my question is: "What is the RESTful URL for 'create resource form'?"

On a slightly related note, even in a web service, it is sometimes not always wise to rely on the client knowing the schema in advance, therefore even in web services there could be a need to be a way for client to request the resource's current schema. AFAICS, this as a similar situation with the need to GET a create form (i.e. the form is sort of like a schema which describes how to construct POST query for creating the resource). Is my line of thought here correct?


REST does not care too much about what your URI looks like as long as it identifies one unique resource and is self-describing. Meet those criteria, and beyond that, it is personal preference. Nothing prohibits using a verb in a URI if it makes sense to use one.

In regards to your slightly related note, what you hint at with the form being a schema is media type. RESTful architecture concerns the client and the server both understanding the media types used to represent the application state.

A REST API should spend almost all of its descriptive effort in defining the media type(s) used for representing resources and driving application state, or in defining extended relation names and/or hypertext-enabled mark-up for existing standard media types. Any effort spent describing what methods to use on what URIs of interest should be entirely defined within the scope of the processing rules for a media type (and, in most cases, already defined by existing media types).

Read more here:

That is from Roy Fielding, the man who defined REST. In general, your media types should be extensible -- that is, any changes should add on and not break older clients unless necessary.

I always assumed that "form" as such is not a resource, so /<name>/new is okay - forms are not usual elements of APIs. Author of the slides put that on a "bad" list, but didn't provide a correct one - I assume he was so RESTful that he forgot to think about such cases.

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