JSOUP parsing HTML get class inside class

i am developing android application using JSOUP for parsing HTML.

i have HTML syntax

    <div class='wrapper'>   
<div style='margin:7px;'>
    <div class='box' style='height:595px'>
        <div class='boxtitlebox'>
            <div class='boxtitle'><h4>13 RECENT CHORDS</h4></div><div class='clear'></div>

        <div class='listitem'><a href='http://www.chordfrenzy.com/chord/9742/ungu-apa-sih-maumu-kord-lirik-lagu'>           
            <div class='subtitle'>Chord Ungu</div>
            <div class='title'>Apa Sih Maumu</div>
        <div class='listitem'><a href='http://www.chordfrenzy.com/chord/6826/slank-boneka-tersayang-kord-lirik-lagu'>           
            <div class='subtitle'>Chord Slank</div>
            <div class='title'>Boneka Tersayang</div>
        <div class='listitem'><a href='http://www.chordfrenzy.com/chord/6751/ari-lasso-rayuan-gombal-kord-lirik-lagu'>          
            <div class='subtitle'>Chord Ari Lasso</div>
            <div class='title'>Rayuan Gombal</div>

Now, i am confuse how can i get each ahref, subtitle and title above?

i need it to fill my array like this

String[] link=["http://www.chordfrenzy.com/chord/9742/ungu-apa-sih-maumu-kord-lirik-lagu","http://www.chordfrenzy.com/chord/6826/slank-boneka-tersayang-kord-lirik-lagu","http://www.chordfrenzy.com/chord/6751/ari-lasso-rayuan-gombal-kord-lirik-lagu"];
String[] subtitile=["Chord Ungu","Chord Slank","Chord Ari Lasso"];
String[] title=["Apa Sih Maumu","Boneka Tersayang","Rayuan Gombal"];

any ide?


In general you should prefer the Selector API instead of DOM (getElementsByX)

Here's an example:

Document doc = Jsoup.parse(html);

// Links
List<String> links = new ArrayList<>();

for( Element element : doc.select("a[href]") )

// Subtitles
List<String> subtitles = new ArrayList<>();

for( Element element : doc.select("div[class=subtitle]") )

// Titles
List<String> titles = new ArrayList<>();

for( Element element : doc.select("div[class=title]") )

Elements are selected by tag and attribute, if the tags differ or are not relevant you can remove them (eg. [class=title] instead of div[class=title]). Take a look at the Selector API (link above) for some more tipps.

 Document document = Jsoup.parse(html);

         Elements hrefElements = document.select("div.listitem");

         String[] links = new String[hrefElements.size()];
         String[] title = new String[hrefElements.size()];
         String[] subtitle = new String[hrefElements.size()];

         for(int i=0;i<hrefElements.size();i++)
             links[i] = hrefElements.get(i).getElementsByTag("a").attr("href");
             title[i] = hrefElements.get(i).getElementsByClass("title").text();
             subtitle[i] = hrefElements.get(i).getElementsByClass("subtitle").text();

         for(int j=0;j<hrefElements.size();j++)
             System.out.println("Links: "+links[j]);
             System.out.println("Title: "+title[j]);
             System.out.println("SubTitle: "+subtitle[j]);

I think that the ArrayList structure is better than an array of Strings

Elements links = doc.getElementsByClass("listitem");
Elements subtitles = doc.getElementsByClass("subtitle");
Elements titles = doc.getElementsByClass("title");
List<String> link = new ArrayList<String>();
List<String> subtitile = new ArrayList<String>();
List<String> title = new ArrayList<String>();
for (Element e : links) {
    String href = e.getElementsByAttribute("href").first().attr("href");
for (Element e : subtitles) {
    String s = e.text();
for (Element e : titles) {
    String s = e.text();

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