Renaming all constraint names with user defined names

How do I query the database for all types of constraints such as Primary Key,Foreign Key, Unique Key, and Default Constraint, and rename its system generate name to a name in following format:

  • PK_ColumnName1_ColumnName2
  • FK_ColumnName1
  • UK_ColumnName1_ColumnName2
  • DF_ColumnName1


SELECT TableName, ColName, ConstraintName, ck.definition ConstraintDefinition  ,' exec sp_rename [' + '] , [DF_' + + ']' SqlQuery 
FROM sys.default_constraints ck 
INNER JOIN sys.tables tbl 
on ck.parent_object_id = tbl.object_id
INNER JOIN sys.columns col 
on tbl.object_id = col.object_id 
and ck.parent_column_id = col.column_id

This is for default constraints

use sys.key_constraints ans sys.foreign_keys

The following code is a little more detailed and it too is specific to default constraints.

select      quotename( + '.' + quotename( as table_name, as default_name,
        'DF_' + + '_' + as new_default_name,
        'execute sp_rename ''' + quotename( + '.' + + ''', ''' + 'DF_' + + '_' + + ''' , ''OBJECT'' -- ' + + '.' + + '' as rename_script
from        sys.default_constraints as dc
join        sys.objects as o
    join        sys.schemas as s
    on          o.schema_id = s.schema_id
on          o.object_id = dc.parent_object_id
join        sys.columns as c
on          o.object_id = c.object_id
and         c.column_id = dc.parent_column_id
where like 'DF[_][_]%[_][_]%[_][_]%' -- DF__AlertType__Creat__10F7245D
and         o.type = 'u'
and         o.is_ms_shipped = 0
order by,

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