How to increase bar width without overlapping in a MATLAB bar graph?

How can you increase the width of the bars in a bar graph in MATLAB without causing the bars to overlap? The script below increases the bar width but the bars overlap:

graph = [ 1 2 ; 3 4 ; 5 6 ; 7 8 ];


The only way I know to do this is via multiple calls to bar.

function h=BarSpecial(data, overallWidth )
    colour = {'r','b'};
    [r,c] = size(data);
    h = zeros(c,1);
    width = overallWidth / c;
    offset = [-width/2 width/2];
    for i=1:c
        h(i) = bar(data(:,i),'FaceColor',colour{i},'BarWidth',width);   
        hold on               

The following will generate a bar chart with the bars occupying 90% of the total space.


The function BarSpecial as written is not general purpose but could be extended to handle a wider range of input data.

Default width is = 0.8. If width is 1, the bars within a group touch one another. Values > 1 produce overlapping bars.

set width less than 1. e.g.

figure; bar(graph,0.4);

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