How can Scriptella generate a log file?

I want Scriptella to generate a log file for each raw file to be ETLed just a log4j does for a java application. How to make this possible?


Any logging API can be called directly from the ETL file. Probably the easiest way to achieve that would be to use a script driver with a built-in Rhino support(JavaScript):

    <connection id="log4j" driver="script"/>

    <connection id="jul" driver="script"/>

    <script connection-id="jul">
        java.util.logging.Logger.getLogger("testLogger").info("This is JUL message");

    <script connection-id="log4j">
        //For demo purposes!!!
        //Configures log4j to use console for output
        //Normally log4j should be configured by using a config file

    <script connection-id="log4j">
        org.apache.log4j.Logger.getLogger("testLoggerName").info("This is LOG4J message");

You can declare a connection like this

<connection id="log" driver="text" url="D:/tmp/out.log"/>

and then use it in your query like this

<query connection-id="dbConnectionIn">
    select * from table
    <script connection-id="log">
        Result  $column1, $comun2 

This will now log it to the file under D:/tmp

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