add xib files to project that has storyboard

I'm iPhone junior, I'm using Xcode 4.3 with iOS5. I created a huge project using storyboard of iPhone5 and when I tried to publish, the project has been rejected because they told me that it is not run in iPhone4 & iPad3. Now, I'm trying to solve this problem and I tried to make it run in iPhone4 emulator in Xcode, but it gives this error:

storyboards are unavailable on ios 4.3 and prior

and I googled and found that I have to create xib files.

But I haven't an idea how to do this and create Xib files for each viewControllers as there are now (h & m) files only. and if I created Xib file, is this will lead to remove the storyboard from the project after I spent a long time building it? please help me. Thanks in advanced.


select your project in project navigator,select summary tab,and set deployment target to the 5.0 or later(whichever available on your iphone),it may work

If you want to support the older versions of IOS you must use XIB files not Storyboards. Storyboards are only for IOS 5 and high versions. We can't use storyboard and xib in same project. You may want to remove StoryBoard and start with XIB Files.

It probably would've been better to use .xibs in the first place if you were going to target < 5.0.

Essentially yes, you'll have to recreate your storyboard using .xib files. Depending on how you set up your storyboard, this will likely include changes to your code, as well.

You can keep the storyboard as well, though - as far as I can remember, there are two plist options along the lines of "initial XIB" and "initial storyboard" - iOS 5+ will use the latter to load the app.

Change your deployment target with compatible versions

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