Vertically Align Text Next To Image With CSS Not Working

Alright so I have looked a bunch of other stack overflow questions like this and nothing has seemed to work. I don't know why its not working must be something silly that im not catching.


.how-right {
.how-right img {
.how-left {


<!-- Number 1 -->
<div style="height:259px;" class="how-right">
    <img src="img/how-it-works/num-1.PNG" width="267px" height="259px">
    <span> has a simple system to get you in shape in just 6 weeks.  And it's so easy to follow, even people who have never exercised before can do it.</span>


span {
    height: 259px;            
    display: table-cell;
    vertical-align: middle;

‚Äč Demo

Also, more options for vertically centering multi-lined text.

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