CMake trouble with Mingw

I want to build a C++ component using MinGW and CMake, but the provided documentation only lists an example for Visual Studio:

C:\>MKDIR build
C:\>cd build
C:\build>cmake -G "Visual Studio 10" -DWITH_BOOST=OFF -DWITH_ORACLE=OFF (...) ..\soci-X.Y.Z
C:\build>msbuild.exe SOCI.sln

How do I build this for MinGW?

You will probably need the source of the example:


Have you tried this?

C:\>MKDIR build
C:\>cd build
C:\build>cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" -DWITH_BOOST=OFF -DWITH_ORACLE=OFF (...) ..\soci-X.Y.Z

You'll need MinGW installed and available in your %PATH%.

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