Search control on WP7/WP7.5

Could anyone tell me which controls are used in WP7 / WP7.5 where we go on e-mails reading, and when we click on the "search" button?

It appears on the top of a searchbox (a TextBox) and the middlle/bottom of the page is a little blurred. I need to code an application like this, and I don"t know which control to use.

Thanks a lot.

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There's no one control that does the exact scenario you described.

You'll have to add a Textbox and a list for search on the bottom by yourself. Then, respond when the user hits the the "Enter" key, like so:


<TextBox Name="textBox1" KeyDown="OnKeyDownHandler"/>


private void OnKeyDownHandler(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
    if (e.Key == Key.Enter)
        //Search the data source you want

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