Path's storing in config files?

Looking at a simple config entry :

What is the best practice decision when saving path's ? with trailing slash such as :

<add key="aaa" value="\\dsFileSrv\Documents\Public\RX\DATA\Source\"/>


<add key="aaa" value="\\dsFileSrv\Documents\Public\RX\DATA\Source"/>

p.s. I know I can use Path.Combine to eliminate this conflict.

But still , there must be a best-overall-decision as a starting point..


Let's see what the framework itself uses...




Therefore, I would say without trailing slashes.

edit Having said that, there is no real harm in including trailing backslashes if you are using Path.Combine, and as mentioned in the comments, it may communicate better that this is guaranteed to be a directory and not a file with no extension.

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