How to map 2 lists with comparison in python

I have a list of objects of say foos. I have a loop for creating a new list.

foo1 = {id:1,location:2} for e.g. foos = [foo1,foo2,foo3]

Now I want to create a new list based on location.

new_list = []
for foo in foos:
  if foo.location==2:

What I want to know is there any way in which I can do something like this

new_list = []
new_list = map(if foo.location ==2,foos) // this is wrong code but is something like this possible. ?

Can I use map function here ? if yes how ?


Sure thing you can do it with function. You can use the filter builtin function:

new_list = filter(lambda foo: foo.location == 2, foos)

But the more general and "pythonic" way is to use list comprehensions

new_list = [foo for foo in foos if foo.location == 2]

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