“Could not get advertised Ref for branch…” error when pulling in a git repository in Eclipse

When trying to pull (Team|Pull from the context menu) in a git repository in Eclipse I get Could not get advertised Ref for branch refs/heads/develop error. I guess that's because remote branch named develop was deleted in the meantime. Branch develop is currently checked out.

How to fix this? Can I configure git and/or Eclipse so that I don't get this error next time some other remote branch gets deleted?


As I mention in "How do you stop tracking a remote branch in git?", you can unset the associated remote tracking branch with:

git config --unset branch.develop.remote
git config --unset branch.develop.merge

It is certainly possible to edit the fetch/push specifications of a branch in EGit (see "Direct Fetch and Push Support "), but I find it so much quicker through the git CLI (command line interface).

I had the same error, and so I made sure my .git/config file had the following:

[branch "mybranch"]
    remote = origin
    merge = refs/heads/mybranch

That made EGit happy.

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