What is the syntax to skip creating tests, assets & helpers when running `rails generate controller`?

I read the help & tried the following command to skip generation of tests, assets & helper files

$ bin/rails generate controller home index  --helper false --assets false --controller-specs false --view-specs false   
create- app/controllers/home_controller.rb
        route  get "home/index"
        invoke  erb
        create    app/views/home
        create    app/views/home/index.html.erb
        invoke  rspec
        error  false [not found]
        error  false [not found]

As you may notice by output above this works & only controller, routes & views are generated. But as last two lines are interesting:

error  false [not found]
error  false [not found]

Obviously rails doesn't seem to like --option-name false syntax. so this this error because I used the wrong syntax? If yes, then what is the correct way? Thanks


Try using --no- followed by optionname:

rails generate controller home index  --no-helper --no-assets --no-controller-specs --no-view-specs

If you want to change the default behavior every time you run the generator command, you can configure the defaults you would like in the application.rb file - see How can I make sure Rails doesn't generate spec tests for views and helpers?.

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