Check that returns csv

I would a checkbox that when check will return csv and html if otherwise. I follow this video and got the csv to work

now I have a check_box_tag that is to be submitted with the form. if the check box is checked then it should render the csv.

=form_tag exams_path, method: :get do
  =text_field_tag :search, params[:search]
  =check_box_tag "csv"
  = submit_tag "Search by id", name: nil

Inside the controller it have

params[:format] = "csv" if params[:csv]
respond_to do |format|
  format.csv {render text:@exams.to_csv}

but this does not work.


I figure it out thanks to John.

I need:

request.format = :csv if params[:csv]

instead of my original

params[:format] = "csv" if params[:csv]

Dont know if changing format is the best way to go, but it just what I need.

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