Authorising with Node, serving with Nginx

I expect this question has been answered, but because I'm unsure of the terminology I might have missed, or not understood the answer.

I would like to use Nodejs to authorise and parse a GET request, i.e:

Then once this is read by node, key authorised, and the files requested compiled, node would tell Nginx to serve back some static files based on this request.

  • So, is this possible?
  • Is there a better way of doing this (I have seen a lot about serving static files with Nginx instead of Nodejs)

edit - Just to inform, i'm using Express, routing is not my problem. Its just I don't know how to pass a successful request back to Nginx, or something like that


you could do token authentication.

Your nodejs app could generate signed links, and nginx handles all aspects of serving the file.

There are several options with NodeJs:

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