Why doesn't (Vim plugin) NetRW browse function open directories and files?

I'm using MacVim 7.3 snapshot 66 (latest as of Dec 2012) with NetRW v147b. When I run mvim . from the command line, it runs NetRW, but the browse behavior is very strange.

My NetRW window looks like this (notice the weird full paths, instead of relative paths):

| Users/me/chef/cookbooks/windows/recipes/
| Users/me/chef/cookbooks/windows/resources/
| Users/me/chef/cookbooks/windows/CHANGELOG.md
| Users/me/chef/cookbooks/windows/CONTRIBUTING
| Users/me/chef/cookbooks/windows/LICENSE

When I hit ENTER on a line it does nothing for directories and for files, it opens a new, blank Vim buffer as [New DIRECTORY].

NetRW used to work as expected, and I'm not sure how to fix it. Any ideas?


Ok, through the magic of git bisect I discovered the exact NetRW option with causes this issue:

" default to tree-style listing, like NERDTree
let g:netrw_liststyle=3

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