Converting eval parse to json.parse

This pertains within a BPM application called ProcessMaker but the logic and syntax should relatively be the same. I'm trying to populate a grid (basically a table) from another serialized grid where the data has been passed to a hidden field.

The data passed to the hidden field is formatted as follows:



The javascript example below found on processmaker's wiki unserializes the hidden field as an object and uses its information to populate a new grid named whatever it is. The example on processmaker's wiki uses the eval function but how would you convert this using the json.parse() function?

        function populateGrid() {
           var grd = getObject("newAccountsGrid");
           //remove all existing rows in the grid (except the first one): 
           var i = Number_Rows_Grid("newAccountsGrid", "accId");
           for (; i > 1; i--)
              grd.deleteGridRow(i, true);
           //The first row can't be deleted, so clear the fields in the first row:
           for (i = 0; i < grd.aFields.length; i++)
              getGridField("contactsGrid", 1, grd.aFields[i].sFieldName).value = "";
           //unserialize the hidden field as an object:
           var oAccounts = eval('(' + getField("sAccounts").value + ')'); 
           if (typeof oAccounts == 'object') { 
              for (var rowNo in oAccounts) {
                 if (rowNo != 1)
                 getGridField('newAccountsGrid', rowNo, 'accId').href = oAccounts[rowNo]["accountId"];
                 getGridField('newAccountsGrid', rowNo, 'accName').href = oAccounts[rowNo]["accountName"];
                 getGridField('newAccountsGrid', rowNo, 'createDate').href = oAccounts[rowNo]["created"];
        populateGrid(); //execute when the DynaForm loads


It would be as simple as:

var oAccounts = JSON.parse(getField("sAccounts").value);

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