How to use ANT in Cloudbees

I'm trying to move an existing ANT build script (build.xml) into Cloudbees for CI using Jenkins. I setup the project repository using GitHub. The build pulls the repository into the Cloudbees Workspace successfully, but then fails with this message.

Parsing POMs
ERROR: No such file /scratch/jenkins/workspace/project/pom.xml
Perhaps you need to specify the correct POM file path in the project configuration?

I'm not too familiar with this, but from what I can tell (thanks Google) it's because Cloudbees uses Maven instead of ANT. Is there a way that I can change Jenkins to run the ANT build script instead of using Maven? Or a simple way to execute my ANT scripts from Maven? Any help here would be appreciated!



You do not need a Maven POM file if your project is Ant-based.

It sounds like you created a Maven job in Jenkins. Delete it and create a free-style job instead, then (as @thekbb says) click Add build step and select Invoke Ant and configure as needed.

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