How to change price based on number of attributes?

I am using Woocommerce with WordPress. How do I calculate pricing based on number of attributes selected as shown in the image. E.g. the current order should amount to Rs. 9100 as there are 9 attributes priced at Rs. 1000 each and Rs. 100 for the product base price.

Overall quantity for the product always is one.


You need to setup product attributes and connect variations so 1 product can have multiple options which all influence the price. It is explained here:

I was able to solve the problem by using Gravity forms and Gravity forms addon for woocommerce.

Next I created added multiple product fields which automatically come with quantity field and finished with the total field.

Next I created a product with and integrated it with gravity form I just created.. voila..

Edit: if you guys have any other creative of doing this. Please answer below.

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