How does Grails spring security rememberMe on custom auth?

I use grails spring security with a custom auth method for facebook authentication:

def auth() {

When I check the cookie in my browser I can see that the cookie lifetime is finished when the browser session is closed. The persistent rememberMe cookie is set only if I use the default login/auth action from the plugin.

What do I have to change such that the user which is loggedin with my custom auth method is not logged out between sessions?

For reauthentication I use:

def success() {

    // get facebook user data

    springSecurityService.reauthenticate username

    if(springSecurityService.loggedIn) {
            // do something


How do I set the rememberMe cookie?


Idea: let the spring security remember me service know it should consider the successful login.

  1. In your facebook success action, upon successful authentication, do the following:

    //wire remember me services
    def rememberMeServices
    //... in your action:
    springSecurityService.reauthenticate username
    def authentication = SecurityContextHolder.context.authentication
    rememberMeServices.loginSuccess(request, response, authentication)
  2. in your Config.groovy, add the following

    grails.plugins.springsecurity.rememberMe.alwaysRemember = true

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