drop down menu works in all browsers except internet explorer

I have this code below where it is suppose to be able to display a list of modules in a drop down menu by using ajax to retrieve the modules from another page:

code given below

    $(document).ready( function(){

        type: "post", 
        url:  "module.php", 
        success: function(response){ 



    $moduleHTML = "";  
    $moduleHTML .= '<select name="modules" id="modulesDrop">'.PHP_EOL; 
    $moduleHTML .= '<option value="">Please Select</option>'.PHP_EOL;  
    $moduleHTML .= '</select>'; 


module.php page:


     // connect to the database

     /* check connection */
     if (mysqli_connect_error()) {
    printf("Connect failed: %s\n", mysqli_connect_error());

    $moduleactive = 1;

    $sql = "SELECT ModuleId, ModuleNo, ModuleName FROM Module WHERE ModuleActive = ? ORDER BY ModuleNo"; 


     $sqlstmt->bind_param("i", $moduleactive);



    $moduleHTML  = "";  

     while($sqlstmt->fetch()) { 
         $moduleHTML .= sprintf('<option value="%1$s_%2$s_%3$s">%1$s - %2$s</option>'.PHP_EOL, $dbModuleNo, $dbModuleName, $dbModuleId);

    echo $moduleHTML; 



What I don't understand is that the drop down menu manages to display a list of modules in all major browsers except for internet explorer which just still displays the "Please Select" option. Why does the drop down menu not able to display a list in internet explorer?


I am going to scrap the ajax method and just paste the main php code into the original script


You are better off just using php in your own script to retrieve the modules using the same script using php/mysqli in same script

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