Scroll bar takes time to appear

I found JS ready to use a scroll bar in Mobile this site:

My list is filled with autocomplete in input ..

Takes a few minutes to scroll bar appears.(Sometimes displays after several minutes and sometimes not displayed at all)

until it appears when I try to drag down, the list jumps up

anyone have any idea why this is happening?

My JS:

 myScroll = new iScroll('wrapper');// **in Document.ready**


<div id="wrapper">
            <ul class="Result" data-role="listview" data-inset="true" dir="rtl">

My css:

    z-index: 5000;
    width: 30%;
    position: absolute;
    margin-left: 37%;


Try this maybe:

myScroll = new iScroll('wrapper', {fadeScrollbar: false});

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