Why I can't call to public function in a Javascript namespace

I want to call to method setupCanvas.Draw(); to draw rectangle.

And for some reason I can not call a function Draw(); from out the scop game.setupCanvas(); Demo jsfiddle

window.game = window.game|| {};
game.main = function() {};      
game.setupCanvas = function(){

        var w = $(window).outerWidth();
        var h = $(window).outerHeight();
        myCanvas = document.createElement('canvas');
        myCanvas.id     = "playground";
        myCanvas.width  = w * 0.8;
        myCanvas.height = h * 0.8;
        myCanvas.style.left= (w - myCanvas.width )/2 + 'px' ;
        myCanvas.style.top= (h -  myCanvas.height )/2 + 'px' ;     
        myCanvas.style.zIndex   = 10;
        myCanvas.style.position = "absolute";
        myCanvas.style.border   = "1px solid green ";
        this.ctx= $('#playground').get(0).getContext('2d');

       this.Draw  = function(){


Many thanks


You need to create a new instance:

var x = new game.setupCanvas();


Also, this part is wrong:

}(); // <--


You're immediately-invoking the function, which you shouldn't be doing. It returns undefined to game.setupCanvas. Take it away and your code should work.

Moreover, when you reference a thectx property in your Draw method, you need to use this.ctx.

jsFiddle Demo

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