Is emacs worth learning?

I currently program mainly in C/C++ and Java. I have done little bits of other languages here and there, but I am not proficient in them. I typically just use eclipse for java, and Microsoft Visual Studio for C/C++. I have read a lot of people swear by emacs, yet I haven't really ever used it. I tried it once, but it seemed way more complicated than the editors I was already using, and I gave up on it. However, I am wondering if maybe I should give it another chance, but I want to know if you think it is worth me putting the time in to learn how to use it? Are the benefits that great? And will it still most be useful in maybe 4 or 5 years? I read it has been around already for over 20 or so years.

Also, I am not really skilled at all in unix or Linux or any of that. Would you recommend I learn it? And if so, why?


Emacs is highly worth learning. While I don't like slideshare, let me link you to what Matz had to say about this topic.

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