Bash base 62 to decimal conversion

I would like to reverse the operation performed by the following bash command:

$ echo $((62#a39qrT))

i.e. convert decimal to base 62, keeping bash standard of {0..9},{a..z},{A..Z}.

I know I can do this by using bc, but I will have to manually convert each character then. For example, I do this currently:

BASE62=($(echo {0..9} {a..z} {A..Z}))
for i in $(echo "obase=62; 9207903953" | bc)
    echo -n ${BASE62[$i]} #Doesn't work if bc's output contains leading zeroes

There must be a way to do this in a less 'hackier' way. Do you know of a way to do this more efficiently?

EDIT: changed bc input


I do really appreciate the solution you came up with, and I guess there's no way around it straight with bash. Here's the little point you've missed:

BASE62=($(echo {0..9} {a..z} {A..Z}))
for i in $(bc <<< "obase=62; 9207903953"); do
    echo -n ${BASE62[$(( 10#$i ))]}
done && echo



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