Multibitrate streaming in ipad using flowplayer

Using flowplayer (flash version) I'm able to load multibitrate video files via smil file using rtmp protocol.

The respective script follows

flowplayer("bplayer", "", {
    clip: {
        url: "bitrates3.smil.xml",
        autoPlay: true,
        provider: 'rtmp',
        urlResolvers: [ 'smil', 'bwcheck' ]
    plugins: {

         smil: {
            url: ""
bwcheck: {
    url: "",
    serverType: 'wowza',
    dynamic: true,
    netConnectionUrl: 'rtmp://',
rtmp: {
    url: "",
    netConnectionUrl: 'rtmp://'

This is the smil file - bitrates3.smil.xml (video paths are dummy)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <meta base="rtmp://" />
      <video src="mp4:/abc/secure/A-081207-L.mp4" system-bitrate="800" width="480" />
      <video src="mp4:/abc/secure/A-081207-M.mp4?" system-bitrate="1200" width="720" />
      <video src="mp4:/abc/secure/A-081207-S.mp4?" system-bitrate="1600" width="1080" />

I can also independently play video on iPad using the ipad plugin associated with flowplayer.

The respective code follows:

        "", function(){


  $f("player", "").ipad();

<!-- player container-->
<a href=""    class="player"     style="display:block;width:425px;height:300px;margin:10px auto" id="player"> <img src="dummy-image.jpg" alt="Search engine friendly content" /> </a>

How can I combine these codes so that the multibitrate switching must work for all browsers and devices? I've the necessary formats of video files for supporting different devices/browsers.

I tried to add the http video link in the clip's ipadURL property and invoked the ipad() function but then i just got a blank black screen and nothing worked (not even on the browser).


RTMP will not work on Ipad. RTMP is a flash streaming protocol. For IOS, HTTP-live-streaming is protocol to use for streaming.

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