django-autocomplete-light simple usage

I am trying to understand how to use django-autocomplete-light for an existing project. This seems like a good autocomplete solution for django for which I am already using normal ModelChoiceFields.

So, let's say that I have a Model named MyModel that has an id and a name. What I'd like to know is the simplest possible way of creating a form widget that would provide me the same functionality with

mymodel = forms.ModelChoiceField(  required=True, queryset=ships.models.Authority.objects.all() , ) 

so I'd be able to add that widget to any form I wanted in order to select instances of MyModel without using selec.t

What are the required steps to have that ? I've already added 'autocomplete_light' to INSTALLED_APPS and

url(r'autocomplete/', include('autocomplete_light.urls')),

to and

import autocomplete_light



however I am getting confused with what to do next :(

Please don't point me in the documentation I've already read it thoroughly.


Select widget is default for ModelChoiceField

This form field does not specify a widget, so the select widget should be used by default with:

mymodel = forms.ModelChoiceField(

This is why you see a select field instead of an autocomplete.

Did you read django docs about using widgets ?

Use autocomplete_light.ChoiceWidget instead

All you have to do is specify the widget:

mymodel = forms.ModelChoiceField(

If you don't know what is the name of the autocomplete, login as staff and open http://yoursite/autocomplete/.

Ensure that you have jquery properly loaded and that autocomplete-light's staticfiles are loaded too !


FTR: another way is possible, using autocomplete_light.modelform_factory using shortcuts like autocomplete_light.modelform_factory or autocomplete_light.get_widgets_dict. API docs are passable but it does not beat reading the source code.

All in all, I think the easiest for you is using the get_widgets_dict shortcut if you are using a ModelForm.

Hidden docs

You might not have found the cookbook because it is a work in progress in the docs_rewrite branch, but the second part of "High level basics" provides several examples of using the widget.

I know that the docs have a problem, hence the docs_rewrite branch. Right now I'm focusing on improving mobile support.

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