VB.NET: Load data from a MySQL database into a DataGridView control

I want to put the information from my MySQL database to a DataGridView(DataGridView1).

My "MySQL" Columns are

ID, Username & Password

The connection string is

"server=localhost;user id=root;password=;database=exdb"

The table in my database(exdb) is "users" and I have all the necessary connectors, MySQL imports & Re & references in my project.

What should I do?


Yes it's something you can search online and find an asnwer. Give this simple code a try:


//create connection , replace userID/password if you have.
MySqlConnection con = 
  new MySqlConnection(@"server=localhost;user id=root;password=;database=exdb");     
//user the table name as per yours
MySqlDataAdapter adp = new MySqlDataAdapter("Select * from table1;" ,con);

DataSet ds = new DataSet();
//change name according to your datagridview
dataGridView1.DataSource = ds;

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