Hide/remove global search bar in Eclipse Juno

I recently upgrade Eclipse to Juno and one of the really unwanted (for me) addition is the global search bar - the one in the image with "Quick Access" hint.

I have to work on a laptop with only a limited screen size (I do a lot of work on the move and can't drag a large monitor with me). Because of this search bar, the toolbar wraps onto the second line and I loose at least lines of text in the editor.

Of course I can remove a bunch of other buttons and then the bar will fit, but why can't I remove the field that I don't want?

Eclipse sings praises to it as if it were the panacea to all our search problems, but I personally don't use and don't want it. Has anyone found a way to hide/remove that search bar?


The Eclipse fullscreen plugin should take care of that. It removes the top and bottom bars entirely on a key combo. Ctrl+Alt+Z is the default.

I am using it to use more real estate on my laptop and wouldnt want to miss it.

I am not aware of a way to get rid only of the search bar while keeping the others in place.

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