Sending datagrids arraycollection to Java Servlet

I have an arraycollection in datagrid and i want to pass it to the servlet using . Is there any way to do that? Here my problem is, i can send arraycollection through SEND() of HTTPSERVICE, but when to receive it in HTTPRequestObject of servlet, request.getParameter('paramName') will return String. So how can i receive the same arraycollection from flex to the servlet's request object?



public var dataAC:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();

will be my variable to hold arraycollection.

When i am doing this,

mx:HTTPService id="fileformatServlet" result="fileformatServlet_resultHandler(event)" fault="fileformatServlet_faultHandler(event)" showBusyCursor="true"

and fileformatServlet.send("arrayCollection":dataAC);

Now on java side, request.getparameter("arrayCollection") will return a string not an arraycollection.Typecast is also not possible.

so what should i do now?


Http request parameters are always pass as String. You have to serialize the Array in some format.

For example you can use Json forma t and deserialize it in java. FlexJavaJson

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