Upgrading Liferay 5.2 to 6.0 checklist

I need to make an upgrade of Liferay, as mentioned above(5.2->6.0) So far, as my research (1,2,3) shows I need to:

  1. Make backups of the Database and file system of plugins (especially portal*.properties).
  2. Overwrite dependency jars
  3. Deploy new .war
  4. Set permission algorithm to 5 in the properties (as L-5.2 uses it, however L-6.0 uses 6)
  5. Start application,
    • see if the DB updates correctly
    • see if the portal is working correctly
  6. Clean up user-specific permissions
  7. Convert legacy permission algorithm to 6 in the control Panel
  8. Migrate a custom theme.
  9. Upgrade EXT to EXT Plugin(p. 398)

It's fairly understandable, but I stumbled upon this thread(Missing FileEntryForm class). Are there any more changes of this kind?

Also, is there something else I'm missing?

Thanks :)


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