Overload resolution failed on Math.Ceiling

I have the following error:

Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'Ceiling' can be called without a narrowing conversion.

My code is:

dgiOpr01Rep.Cells(7).Text = AddPrecZero(Math.Ceiling(dtgCollections.Items(i).Cells(7).Text))

Can someone help me?


Basically the compiler is saying that it can't choose which overload to use without further information

Try converting the text value to a numeric type first, for example:

Dim val As Decimal = Decimal.Parse(dtgCollections.Items(i).Cells(7).Text)
dgiOpr01Rep.Cells(7).Text = AddPrecZero(Math.Ceiling(val))

You need to use whatever numeric type matches the contents of the text though.

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