Javascript dynamic function calls with namespace

Whereas using eval is not a good programming practice. This question is for didactic nature, or to learn a better solution:

See the following example in Javascript:

var foo = foo || {}; = function(str) { alert(str); };'aaa'); // trigger alert('aaa')
window['foo']['bar']('bbb'); // trigger alert('bbb')

I'm searching for an generic caller to work with'str'),, foo.n2.n[1..99].bar(params)

Thats because I can't call something like:

param = [5,2,0];
call = '';
window[call](param); // not work

But I can call function using eval:

param = [5,2,0];
call = ''
eval(call + '(param)'); // works

How can I do this WITHOUT eval?


I have answered this before, but here it goes again:

function genericFunction(path) {

    return [window].concat(path.split('.')).reduce(function(prev, curr) {
        return prev[curr];


var param = [5, 2, 0];
var foo = { bar: function(param) { return param.length; } };


// => 3

callback = "";
var p = callback.split('.'),
c = window; // "parent || window" not working in my tests of linked examples
for (var i in p) {
    if (c[p[i]]) {
        c = c[p[i]];

And this solves the problem. Thanks!

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