add my own property to EF designer

I using vs2010 and the built-in EF designer against SQL server Compact 4.0 local database that in my project. ( design-first)

I tried to add (through the designer) to one of the entities a new property that doesn't exist in the DB (nor planed to) by: add-new scalar property.... , but when i was tring to validate it, i got an error:

property "x" is not map

my question:

can i add my own properties to the schema through the designer. and that properties won't be exist in the underline DB.(I thought i could)? if I can, how?


You can add non db fields to your entity by creating a partial class of that entity with the required properties. These won't be used for the ORM.

public partial class MyEntity {

    public string StringStatusCode { get;set;}

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