PHP - Return Multidimensional Array Through Foreach

I'm trying to return a value from a multidimensional array, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Array -

[players] => Array
        [0] => Array
                [player] => Necro
                [score] => 0
                [deaths] => 0
                [gq_name] => 
                [gq_kills] => 
                [gq_deaths] => 0
                [gq_score] => 0
                [gq_ping] => 


PHP Foreach

$dayzplayers = $results["dayz"]["players"];
          foreach($dayzplayers as $k => $v) {
                  echo ' <b>'.$v["player"].'</b>';
              } ?>


The ['player'] index appears to have an invisible control character in the key SOH (Start of Heading)

Try echo ' <b>'.$v[chr(1) . "player"].'</b>'; instead of echo ' <b>'.$v["player"].'</b>';

If the data is what you posted in the first listing, this should work:

foreach($dayzplayers as $player) {
    echo $player[chr(1).'player'];

as per

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