Pattern name/Convention -> Class that merge different attributes from other classes

I wanted to know if there is a known pattern or convention for the following scenario:

I have two classes: MAT (name:String, address:String) & MATversion(type:String, version:int)

Now I have a DataGrid (DataTable) which will take a generic List of objects for the column mapping and data filling.

The columns should be name, type, version. (Which are distributed in MAT and MATversion)

So I create a class to make this work. This class will merge the needed properties from each class (MAT, MATversion).

-> MAT_MATversion (name:String, type:String, version:int).

Does there exist a naming convention for such an class like MAT_MATversion? Any pattern that mirrors that?



Is there any specific reason why the merged result has to be a unique class?

I'm assuming every MAT object has a single MATversion you can add a couple of custom properties who will return the type and version of the underlying MATversion object In C# this would result in something like this

public class MAT{
  public String name{ get;set;};
  public String adress{ get;set;};
  public MATversion myVersion;
  public String type {
      return myVersion.type;
      myVersion.type = value;
  public int version {
      return myVersion.version;
      myVersion.version = value;

I'm aware that this doesn't answer the question about design patterns, but I couldn't ask/suggest another approach in a comment since I don't have that right yet.

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