Meaning of DistinctRow in this context?

        DISTINCTROW tbl1.*, tbl2.Name
        tbl1 INNER JOIN tbl2 ON tbl1.EMP_NUM = tbl2.EMP_NUM
        (((tbl2.Name) Not Like [Forms]![formReports]![txtName]));

I just need to verify that my description below makes sense or if it doesn't point out why and what the statement actually does. Here is what I think it does:

Join the tables using the EMP_NUM and delete the duplicate records based on the name being different from that entered into the view "txtName" on the form "formReports."


Does it delete all values from the columns in tbl1 and only the values in the field Name in tbl2 where the name entered into the form is different from that in tbl2.

Any thoughts?


Because you are joining two tables and have fields from both tables, the DISTINCTROW is not doing anything.

You can see the documentation here that explicitly spells this out.

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