Casting issue with ArrayList toArray() method

In one class I have constructor which looks like:

Class(int x, int y, int[] moves);

In other class which creates those objects I have moves stored in ArrayList. Moves are numbers. So when this class decides ti create new object it must first convert this ArrayList into array. So I tried something like this:

new Object(0, 0, (int[])moves.toArray(int[moves.size()]);

But it doesn't work. How should it be done properly?


The result of calling toArray() on an ArrayList is never an int[]. You can't have an ArrayList<int> in Java due to the way generics works. At best it would be an Integer[], which you'd then need to convert. Note that even though you can convert from Integer to int, you can't cast an Integer[] to an int[]. Something has to loop over the values.

You could just do it directly:

int[] values = new int[moves.size()];
for (int i = 0; i < values.length; i++) {
    values[i] = moves.get(i);

Alternatively could create an Integer[] and then convert from that - but why do the copying twice?

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