How to add value between tags using XElement?

I have looked a bunch of XML samples using XDocument and XElement but they all seem to have self closing tags like <To Name="John Smith"/>. I need to do the following:

<To Type="C">John Smith</To>

I thought the following would work and tried to look at the object model of the Linq.XML class, but I'm off just a tad (see line below that is not working)

new XElement("To", new XAttribute("Type", "C")).SetValue("John Smith")

Any assistance on how to get the XML formed properly is appreciated, thanks!


I'd use:

new XElement("To", new XAttribute("Type", "C"), "John Smith");

Any plain text content you provide within the XElement constructor ends up as a text node.

You can call SetValue separately of course, but as it doesn't return anything, you'll need to store a reference to the element in a variable first.

How about

  new XElement("To", new XAttribute("Type", "C"), "John Smith")

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