How return array of arrays in node js?

I have module like this in node js

var types =  function (){
var typeList= new Array();
typeList[0] = "varchar";
var numericDTs= new Array();
numericDTs[0] = "tinyint";
var binaryDTs= new Array();
binaryDTs[0] = "tinyblob";
var data = array();
data[0] = typeList;
data[1] = numericDTs;
data[2] = binaryDTs;
return data;

module.exports = {
  types: types,


i am calling this module like this

var types = require("./include/types");

i got error like this 500 ReferenceError: array is not defined no error if i return only types or typeList or binaryDTs. How return array of arrays in node js?


Your error is here:

var data = array();

Write the following instead:

var date = [];

Actually replace every new Array() with [].

Instead of

var typeList= new Array();
typeList[0] = "varchar";

write var typeList = [ "varchar" ]; and so on.


Actually your whole function can be reduced to:

var types = function() {
     return [ [ "varchar" ], [ "tinyint" ], [ "tinyblob" ] ];

Expanding on the other answer,

assuming you don't use the function anywhere else, you could just write

 module.exports = {
   types: function(){
     return [["varchar"], ["tinyint"], ["tinyblob"]];

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