Error to create new type Date

I'm using the following convention and in date I get that method is deprecated (there is line that delete the date) there is saw this message Deprecated. As of JDK version 1.1, replaced by DateFormat.parse(String s).

how should i use it in the following code?

else if (typeName.equals("String")) {
    return new SwitchInputType<String>(new String("String test"));
else if (typeName.equals("Date")) {
    return new SwitchInputType<Date>(new -Date-("13:20:00"));   

the problem is with the (new Date("13:20:00"));

when i try to replace it with

return new SwitchInputType<DateFormat>(new DateFormat("13:20:00"));

i got the following message :

Cannot instantiate the type DateFormat

how should I handle it?


DateFormat is an abstract class so it cannot be instantiated. Instantiate a SimpleDateFormat instead or use the static methods in DateFormat like getDateInstance() or getTimeInstance().

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