SQL Replace Multiple Values based on one column value

I need to replace results on up to 9 columns based on one other column value. If the column "role" is the value "SeniorManagement", I want to replace what would be default hierarchical values with hard values. Here's how I can accomplish this now:

   WHEN d.Role = 'SeniorManagement'  
   THEN (Replace(p.Firstname,'John','Joe')) END as First
   WHEN d.Role = 'SeniorManagement'  
   THEN (Replace(p.Lastname,'TopDog','AssignedPerson')) END as Last
 , CASE...

My question is, is there a less verbose way to combine these?

Pseudo ( I know this doens't work :-)

    WHEN d.Role = 'SeniorManagement' 
    THEN (Replace(p.Firstname,'John','Joe')) as First 
    THEN (Replace(p.Lastname,'TopDog','AssignedPerson')) as Last
    THEN (Replace(p.Email,'TopDog@wherever','AssignedPerson@wherever')) as Email



what about using a function?

create function dbo.GetColumnValue
   @ColumnBasedValue varchar(max),
   @ColumnToReplace varchar(max), --or the type you want
   @ToReplace varchar(max), 
   @Replacement varchar(max)

return (select case @ColumnBasedValue when 'SeniorManagement'
                      then (Replace(@ColumnToReplace,@ToReplace,@Replacement))
                      else @replaceValue END)


and use it like

select dbo.GetColumnValue(d.Role, p.Firstname,'John','Joe') as First, 
dbo.GetColumnValue(d.Role, p.Lastname,'TopDog','AssignedPerson') as Last..

Depending on what the context is, you might be able to get away with doing raw selects.

Select d.Role, 'Joe' as First, 'AssignedPerson' as Last

and just filter each select with a where clause.

If you want to do multiple ones, use a union.

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