ruby google sketchup plugin - importing textures from a directory

im new here and pretty much brand new to ruby. I am using ruby to write sketchup plugins with the Sketchup module, and i want to import all the image files (textures) from the directory 'C:\Users\(your name)\Pictures\sketchup-textures' and put them into the material list in sketchup, so that i can put them onto my models.

I know that there is a way of manually doing this, but I often need to handle a lot of textures at once, and want to automate the proccess. THANKS!

EDIT:I know i can do this, but it only does one file at a time and only the one i code.

m = materials.add "test1"
m2 = materials.add "test2"
m.texture = "c:\\Users\\(yourname)\\Pictures\\(file).png"
m2.texture = "c:\\Users\\(yourname)\\Pictures\\(file).jpg"
texture = m.texture = "c:\\Users\\(yourname)\\Pictures\\(images).png"
if (texture)
  UI.messagebox texture
  UI.messagebox "Failure"


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