authbind equivalent for centos / amazon linux / rhel

I would like to run a node.js TCP server on port 80 on an Amazon EC2 instance of Amazon Linux. I have added 80 to the security group, but the problem is letting node.js bind to port 80, which normally requires root permission.

The easiest solution seems to be using authbind, but it isn't accessible from the EC2 yum repo. Is there an equivalent utility for Amazon Linux? Or some other workaround for this distro ? Or is it actually a bad idea to use authbind?


It's a little tedious, but if you install gcc you can compile it from source. You can go here to get the 2.1.1 release. Click the link that says "Snapshot" to get a tar.gz file. I couldn't seem to download it directly using wget (had to download from web browser and then upload), YMMV.

I ended up binding to a higher port and then using iptables to forward port 80 traffic to that port. Another option was to use an AWS load-balancer from incoming port 80 to a higher port on the ec2 instance.

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