Function to look for null string and return a space if found

I have an XSLT file and inside I have a function that needs to return a space if the value is NULL. However, it is complaining about the line below specifically which is if (string A == ""). Would anyone know what is wrong with that?

    public string TermDate(string A)
        if (string A == "")
            return " ";
            return A;                                                 




Do not use string key word in if condition part.


if (string A=="")


if (A=="")

You can read more about the syntax of if here.

if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(A)) return " ";
else return A;

Couple more options (using String.IsNullOrEmpty ) in addition to normal if(a)...:

? : - conditional operator:

return String.IsNullOrEmpty(a) ? " " : a;

?? - null coalescing operator:

return a ?? " ";

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