Image Inconsistency in Browser

Lately, I've been using HTML Canvas 5 element recently in an attempt to extract image data from a given image on the browser but I've run into a bit of a problem. When extracting this data using the canvas element's functions such as getDataURL or getImageData(), the results are inconsistent across browser. I realize this is due to the fact that the browser's native code is different for each, therefore the rendering engine will render the images differently. However, is there a way to get consistent image results across browser for images of size 500kb-1mB for example?

I'm aware of the AJAX solution, calling the json object of the dataURL of that image from the server as that will be the original source, thus consistent across browser. Also, loading the dataURL into the browser from the server could be another solution. The problem with these would be the performance and flexibility. Is there any other viable solutions? Did I look over something I could be doing client side?

Thanks all!


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