Oracle OpenSSO Fedlet .NET Home Folder could not be found

I am trying to use the Oracle Open SSO Fedlet, I have successfully connected to the IDP using the sample app supplied with the fedlet, but then when I drop the dll in the bin dir of my app and add the config files to the App_Data directory and try and visit the application I get the error message

Specified home folder could not be found

As far as i understand the default home folder should be App_Data but this exists and this is where I have put my config files. any ideas anyone?


This error is caused when you place the web pages into any folder apart from the root. You can then get it to work by placing an App_Data folder into that folder.

So Example, if you create a folder call Pages, and place your web pages in there, then create another folder called Pages\App_Data and place all the files that are in the current projects App_Data folder into the new folder and things will work again

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