CakePHP wont work with Ajax jQuery

I'm very desperate about this situation because I've spent over 3 days trying to find my mistake in this code.

My application should retrieve some clients geo coordinates from database via my controller and it should return a JSON with the coordinates to be plot in the view as markers on a Google Map div.

But when I run the application nothing happen, only my form loads, but the Google Map does not show, consequently the markers doesn't as well.

This is my code: I have a CakePHP controller method which returns a JSON response just fine(I've checked in Chrome Console).


    class ClientsController extends AppController {

          public $helpers = array('Js'=>array('Jquery'), 'GoogleMap', 'Html', 'Form');
          public $components = array('RequestHandler');

          public function loadJsonMarkers() {
              $conditions = array(
                                   'not' => array('Client.geoloc' => null),
                                   'geoloc !=' => '(-1,-1)'

             if ($this->RequestHandler->isAjax()) {
                $clients = $this->Client->find('all', array(
                                                  'conditions' => $conditions,
                                                  'fields' => array('Client.geoloc'),
                                                  'recursive' => -1

              $this->header('Content-Type: application/json; Charset=UTF-8');
              return new CakeResponse(array('type'=> 'json', 'body' => json_encode(array('clients' => $clients))));


Then I have the webpage with the Ajax Request:

         function mapCaller(sentData)

                       url: 'clients/loadJsonMarkers',
                       accepts: 'json',
                       type: 'POST',
                       data: sentData,
                       dataType: 'json',
                       error: function(xhr,status,err){
                             alert("DEBUG: status"+status+" \nError:"+err);
                       success: function(transport){   

                             var markers = new Array();

                             for(var i in transport.clients){
                                 var latlng = transport.clients[i].Client.geoloc.replace("(", "");
                                 latlng = latlng.replace(")", "");
                                 latlng = latlng.split(',');

                                 markers.push(new google.maps.LatLng(parseFloat(latlng[0]),parseFloat(latlng[1])));



                       complete: function(){

         function plotMap(markers)
            var mapOptions = { mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP };

             var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map_canvas'), mapOptions);

             var markersCondensed = new Array(); 
             var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds(); 

             function(key, value){   
                  var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: value });


              var mcOptions = {gridSize: 50}; 
              var markerCluster = new MarkerClusterer(map, markersCondensed, mcOptions);

              if (markers.length > 0)

And in my view: index.ctp Html->image("open-search.png", array('id'=>'open-search', 'class'=>'divlink')); ?> Html->link( $this->Html->image("clear-search.png", array('class'=>'divlink')), "#maps", array('escape'=>false)) ?>

    <div id="search-box">
        <?= $this->Html->image("hide-search.png",array('id'=>'close-search', 'class'=>'divlink')); ?>

        <div class="form">
            <?= $this->Form->create('User',array('action'=>'filter')); ?>
                <fieldset class="sub-fieldset">  <?php //TODO define style for ?>
                    <legend class="sub-legenda">Data da venda</legend>
                    <?= $this->Form->input('Sale.0.sale_date_min', array('label'=>'A partir do dia:', 'type'=>'date')); ?>
                    <?= $this->Form->input('Sale.0.sale_date_max', array('label'=>'Até o dia', 'type'=>'date'));  ?>
                <fieldset class="sub-fieldset">
                    <legend class="sub-legenda">Total da venda</legend>
                    <?= $this->Form->input('Sale.0.sale_total_min', array('label' => 'Valor mínimo', 'class' => 'money')); ?>
                    <?= $this->Form->input('Sale.0.sale_total_max', array('label' => 'Valor máximo', 'class' => 'money')); ?>
                <?= $this->Form->label('', 'Sexo:'); ?>
                <?= $this->Form->checkbox('', array('value'=> 'm')); ?>
                <?= $this->Form->checkbox('', array('value'=> 'f')); ?>

                <fieldset class="sub-fieldset">
                    <legend class="sub-legenda">Faixa etária</legend>
                    <?= $this->Form->input('Client.age_min', array('label' => 'Idade mínima')); ?>
                    <?= $this->Form->input('Client.age_max', array('label' => 'Idade máxima')); ?>
                <fieldset class="sub-fieldset">
                    <legend class="sub-legenda">Renda</legend>
                    <?= $this->Form->input('Client.income_min', array('label' => 'Renda mínima', 'class' => 'money')); ?>
                    <?= $this->Form->input('Client.income_max', array('label' => 'Renda máxima', 'class' => 'money')); ?>

    <div id="map_canvas"></div>
    <div id="map-loading" class="notice-box">
        <p><?= $this->Html->image("ajax-loading.gif"); ?>Carregando o mapa...</p>

    <div id="map-no-results" class="notice-box">
        <p><a href="maps">SEM RESULTADOS</a></p>

This should work fine since I always got a jqXHR.readystate = 4 and a SERVER STATE = 200, but my page does not load the map.

Some screenshots of my application:

After a long time debbuging it I think it is a problem with the Ajax callback(success), but I can't affirm certainly about it.

Any help about It would be very nice.

Note: Sorry if I got something wrong in my English. I'm a brazilian and I know just a little bit of English.


I've achieved to got this thing working. I had to create a new template with nothing inside the body but,

               <? echo $this->fetch('content'); ?>

I really dont't know why but, it worked. If someone knows why or at least have a clue. Please tell me.


I've discovered that all of this was happening because of an css error, when I set the height of map-canvas div the map shown up.

The css code to map-canvas and other elements are:

          #map_canvas label{width:auto; display:inline; height: 900px; /*Your height here*/}
          #map_canvas img{max-width:none}
          .gmaps label{width:auto; display:inline}
          .gmaps img{max-width:none}

And set a fixed value to the parent div of map-canvas or to map-canvas, like:

         <div id="map_canvas"></div>

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