wxWidgets ContextMenu/Popup

I have a wxListCtrl and I would like to make it so that when a user right click on an item to show up a contextmenu/popup.

How can I do this with wxFormBuilder or programatically?



You need to catch the event of type wxEVT_COMMAND_LIST_ITEM_RIGHT_CLICK or wxEVT_CONTEXT_MENU (more general, thanks vadz) and then pop up a wxMenu.

An example of this can be seen in the wxListCtrl sample, which can be found in wxdir\samples\listctrl. A short snippet modified from the sample should give you the right idea:

void MyListCtrl::OnRightClick(wxListEvent& event)
    // Show popupmenu at position
    wxMenu menu(wxT("Test"));
    menu.Append(LIST_ABOUT, wxT("&About"));
    PopupMenu(&menu, event.GetPoint());

Take a look at the example in http://wiki.wxwidgets.org/WxMenu

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